Academic Earth & The Tanner Lecture Library

Here’s two useful sites. The first is Academic Earth, which has courses of video lectures from some American universities. My picks from it are ‘Introduction to Political Philosophy’ by Steven B. Smith and ‘Introduction to Ancient Greek History’ by Donald Kagan.

The second is the Tanner Lecture Library. It is a collection of previous Tanner Lectures on Human Values, which are in PDF format. My picks here are:

Stanley Cavell – The Uncanniness of the Ordinary
Harry Frankfurt – Taking Ourselves Seriously
Michel Foucault – Towards a Criticism of ‘Political Reason’
Jurgen Habermas – Law and Morality
Barbara Herman – Moral Literacy
Axel Honneth – Reification: A Recognition-Theoretical View
Christine Korsgaard – The Sources of Normativity
Christine Korsgaard – Fellow Creatures
Jonathan Lear – Happiness
Alasdair MacIntyre – Truthfulness, Lies, and Moral Philosophers
Thomas Nagel – The Limits of Objectivity
Martha Nussbaum – Beyond the Social Contract: Toward Global Justice
Onora O’Neill – Kant on Reason and Religion
Derek Parfit – What We Could Rationally Will
Thomas Scanlon – The Significance of Choice
Barry Stroud – The Study of Human Nature and the Subjectivity of Value
Charles Taylor – Modernity and the Rise of the Public Sphere
Stephen Toulmin – The Idol of Stability
G.H. von Wright – Of Human Freedom