“All eyes on the calendar”

This blog is one year old today. Thanks to everyone who has been reading, commenting and linking here over the last year!

Yet another quote to mark the occasion:

But why do you write? —A: I am not one of those who think with an inky pen in their hand, much less one of those who in front of an open inkwell abandon themselves to their passions while they sit in a chair and stare at the paper. I am annoyed by and ashamed of my writing; writing is for me a pressing and embarrassing need, and to speak of it even in a parable disgusts me. B: But why, then, do you write? —A: Well, my friend, to be quite frank: so far, I have not discovered any other way of getting rid of my thoughts. —B: And why do you want to get rid of them? —A: Why I want to? Do I want to? I must. —B:Enough! Enough!

Nietzsche, Gay Science, bk.2 s.93