‘The Dirt Behind The Daydream’

As a leftist, it is a little disheartening in the UK at the moment. The decline of the nominally centre-left Labour party (in reality, witless cheerleaders of neo-liberalism who have presided over widening inequalities in wealth) has not been met with anything approaching a proportional rise in electoral support for parties truly on the left. Far from it, London has elected a racist Tory mayor and a BNP member on the GLA, and after splits within the Respect coalition, their successors have done badly in the local elections. David ‘Hollow Like An Easter Egg’ Cameron has a decent chance of leading the Tories to victory in the next general elections, only intensifying the idiotic attempts to crowbar market mechanisms into the public sector and pandering to the braying privet-hedge Nazis of suburbia. For some real analysis, see Lenin’s Tomb and Praxis. Once you’ve done that, come listen to this here [currently unavailable] online mixtape wot I’ve made, with a lovingly selected collection of anti-capitalist, feminist, anti-imperialist and Marxist songs in a broadly post-punk vein, as yet another reminder to keep on fighting the good fight nonetheless.

Huggy Bear – Herjazz
R.E.M. – Welcome To The Occupation
Manic Street Preachers – Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayitsworldwouldfallapart
Help She Can’t Swim! – Are You Feeling Fashionable?
You Say Party! We Say Die! – The Gap (Between the Rich and the Poor)
Le Tigre – What’s Your Take on Cassavetes?
Bright Eyes – When the President Talks to God
PJ Harvey – Sheela-Na-Gig
Desaparecidos – Greater Omaha
Gang Of Four – Natural’s Not In It
PIL – This is not a love song
Mogwai – Punk Rock