3 Quarks Daily Final

My post on Philosophy as Bildung has somehow made it through to the final of the 3 Quarks Daily philosophy prize. The judge is the esteemed analytic philosopher of mind Daniel C. Dennett. Some of the other finalists have expressed excitement at Dennett reading and possibly commenting upon their post, though I must admit that the prospect of coming to the attention of regular 3QD reader David Byrne (of Talking Heads) is the more exciting one for me as a New Wave and post-punk fan. The nine finalists are as follows:

  1. 3 Quarks Daily: Penne For Your Thought
  2. Der Wille Zur Macht und Sprachspiele: Nietzsche’s Causal Essentialism
  3. Grundlegung: Philosophy as Bildung
  4. Justin Erik Halldór Smith: The Fundamentals of Gelastics
  5. PEA Soup: Scanlon on Moral Responsibility and Blame
  6. The Immanent Frame: Immanent Spirituality
  7. Tomkow: Blackburn, Truth and other Hot Topics
  8. Underverse: Refuting “It,” Thus
  9. Wide Scope: Emotions and Moral Skepticism

Update: Winners announced here alongside some grumbling by Dennett.