10 thoughts on “Rorty and Davidson in Conversation

  1. Thanks, that was a pleasant way to spend an hour.

    I’m curious what the “serious journal articles” Davidson mentions at ~25:00 are — the ones that say “Here’s two clearly inconsistent things; both are true and that is fine, because who believes in truth anymore!” — I’ve never actually encountered someone seriously defending that silly sort of talk.

    The bit about Brandom at ~47:00 was interesting. I remember reading a really terrible book review (I think it was by Lepore) that criticized Rorty for trying to reconcile Brandom and Tarskians like Davidson, since “inferentialism” and “Tarskianism” were supposed to be opponents.

    That’s an awful lot of philosophers listed as “in conversation with Davidson” at the end there! Have any of the other videos surfaced online?

  2. I’m not sure whether they’re in video form online but I’ve got audio versions of the Dummett-Davidson and McDowell-Davidson ones. If you can’t get hold of them, I’m happy to e-mail you them.

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  4. I have the Dummett-Davidson and McDowell-Davidson audio interviews, but thanks. Interestingly, the sandbox page seems to have disappeared. Hopefully I didn’t miss anything they had up there.

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