Revolutionary Slogans: The Abstract Negation Edition

In the spirit of Zizekian austerity (well-criticised here, mind), I am somewhat attracted to this inversion of Emma Goldman’s notorious demand: “If I can dance, it’s not my revolution.”

5 thoughts on “Revolutionary Slogans: The Abstract Negation Edition

  1. Does that mean the soundtrack to the revolution is going to be like noise rock or grindcore or in a really weird time signature or something?

  2. hi Tom,

    Nice to have a name to go w/ this blog. I’m new to your site but I like it.

    I don’t know if you know this band Refused (who are I think too dance-able to meet your strict criterion here), but a friend of mine saw them years ago at some art gallery. The singer said something like “there’s a lot of art on the walls here. I only like art made from blood and fire.” So I think woodcuts will have to go as well. Unless they were made of blood. Which would be awesome.

    take care,

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